I’ve been a professional Photographer, Director, Producer and Videographer for over 35 years. I graduated from the Art Center College of Design and have enjoyed a very full and successful career.

My clients have ranged from major television and film studios, magazines and book publishers, music artists and record companies, auto makers, corporate businesses and amusement parks. Whether from ABC to Disney to Nissan, my goal is to present my clients in the best possible light.

Capturing iconic portraits of actors, comedians, music artists and entertainers as well as individuals from all walks of life is my passion.

When not shooting portraits, editorial or advertising work, I also create HDSereneScapes® films that are currently in hundreds of the countries best hospitals and clinics. HDSereneScapes® films are etherial moving Landscapes shot in High Definition video that appear to be 3D but can be shown on traditional HDTV screens and displays all with the intent of supporting a calming and peaceful state of mind in our ever present pursuit of happiness. Check them out, you will feel like you are there.

My environmental passions also show up in my Fine Art Giclée and photographic prints and my coffee table book America’s Vanishing Landscapes, the Western States.

Gotta go, it’s time to shoot…

Wayne Williams