Hi! I’m Wayne Williams, I’ve spent the majority of my life photographing actors, musicians, comedians, well known entertainers, executives, politicians, well, all sorts of interesting people.

Of course, lighting and angles are essential, yet I see that my job is really to help you feel comfortable enough in front of my camera so you can express your best self in the most effective and confident means possible to advance your career using all the images we create together.

In today’s fast paced world its about standing out from the rest and getting that call. I give you digital access to all your selected images so when there is a call for a particular opportunity you fit well with, you will have the image you need to help you through the door. From there you do what you do best: present your skills and, if you are what they are looking for, GET THE JOB!

If you are ready, just click here to book a session and pick an available date. I look forward to talking and working with you soon.