• San Juan Islands

    San Juan Islands

  • Tetons Sunrise

    Tetons Sunrise

  • Turtle Islands

    Turtle Islands

  • Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge

Having been a professional photographer for over 3 decades I’ve had many wonderful experiences and worked with some pretty nice people.  I’ve shot for the likes of Nissan, Disney and ABC and spent a good deal of my career photographing people places and things all over the world. I still enjoy the pleasure of capturing the magic that happens when everything comes together and the light cast on this amazing world we live in is just right.

In particular, I’m most proud of the landscapes I’ve shot. I feel the land all around us, if we really look at it and really appreciate it, brings us back to a reverential state of mind where one realizes that our own personal health and well being, and the health of all people, is directly tied to the health of the land.

These landscapes are an expression of my feelings about who we are and where we come from. I show our earth’s beauty in my images, in a sense, through the eyes of our ancestors. I want to nurture a vision of where we are, what we dream of and what we can become.

I hope you can feel that each landscape I’ve photographed, in its own way, is a place of meditation. In these works, I wish to show the spirit of the land and in that spirit spread an awareness and growing respect for this home of ours, and in turn a respect for ourselves. If my art brings a sense of enchantment to people, then it is with those seeds of joy and awareness that in some small way I might help us stake our claim to a peaceful and beautiful future.

Enjoy the views,

Wayne Williams

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